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Visiting Physicians Association

in-home health care

Robin Newburn, D.O. ~ Caring for Homebound Patients

  • High-quality, personalized and confidential medical care
  • Office staff available by phone 24/7

Comprehensive review of your medical history and referral to physical therapy and specialized rehabilitation services

Medication management and medication refills

Specialized services - Laboratory services and portable diagnostic testing

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Comprehensive Pain Specialists

pain management

Dwight E. Mosley, M.D. ~ Interventional Pain Management Treating Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Currently accepting private insurance and self-pay patients
  • Supports overall health & wellness approach

Multidisciplinary evaluation: Determine each patient's individualized treatment plan, tailored to provide sustainable relief so that quality of life is restored

Medication management: Optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes

Injections and procedures: Utilized to help reduce inflammation and decrease pain to a particular area of the body

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Columbus Public Health

public health department

Dr. Mysheika Williams Roberts ~ Assistant Health Commissioner & Medical Director

  • Meeting the healthcare needs for our communities
  • Protecting health and improving lives

Public Health Information: Access to important health information, ensuring the safety of our communities

Health Programs: Various programs to gain awareness & support regarding health topics

Clinic Services: Wide range of physician services including family medicine, dental and immunizations

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Stynchula Family Foundation

autism support

Free Autism Screenings for Children

  • Contact us to schedule a screening for your child
  • No income guidelines to qualify

Testing done through the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Child Development Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Free programs for children with Autism and special needs children - including football & cheerleading camps, soapbox derby race, Buddy Camp and holiday party

Provide an education center for young adults and adults on the Autism Spectrum, teaching life skills and working in a greenhouse and culinary environment

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